What is Freeze Drying:

Freeze drying, also known as lyophilisation or cryodesiccation, is a low temperature dehydration process that involves freezing the product, lowering pressure, then removing the ice by sublimation. This is in contrast to dehydration by most conventional methods that evaporate water using heat

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How Long Do My Snacks Last?

your freeze dried snacks can last anywhere between 3 months to 1 year. This is depending on where you chose to store your treats. The best place is in low humidity and not in direct sunlight or high temperature area. Make sure after opening that you re seal your bag after you take out your treats. Lets be honest most of us wont have any left after a couple days once we open them.

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What We Do To Keep You Safe

When preparing your snacks we take all the precautions as you do now going to work. Hand washing, Masks, Taking our temperature and not handling any products if anyone is being tested for COVID-19 or are sick. We have worked in the healthcare industry and take your safety and ours very seriously.

we care about you